WITH MORE THAN 200 SKI RUNS, 37 lifts and about 10 metres (34 feet) of average snowfall every year, it's no wonder Whistler Blackcomb is considered one of the best ski and snowboard resorts in North America. With all that snow, Whistler also offers tons of other winter activities. Why not take a dogsledding tour, discover some of the peaceful surrounding backcountry on snowshoes, try out the Olympic cross-country ski trails or discover the area on snowmobile? With countless outdoor and indoor recreation options in Whistler there's no chance you'll be left wondering what to do.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Picture an endless winter landscape of sparkling white, snow-covered slopes dotted with a million evergreen trees. Now picture yourself riding down those very same slopes while exploring over 8,100 acres of terrain available on both Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. read more

Cross-country skiing

As the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games demonstrated, cross-country skiers are among the world's fittest athletes, and as with many sports, doing it at the highest level requires long hours of meticulous training and the best coaches. read more


Winter is unquestionably a magical time in Whistler, and not just because the powder skiing here is second to none. Those looking to experience Whistler's outdoor winter wonderland at a slower pace — and have the chance to see wildlife in its natural habitat — can do so on snowshoes. read more


The crisp, cold air crackles around you as you start your powerful machine. The engine roars to life, ready to carry you quickly and comfortably into the snowy wildness of a mountain range or a wide-open ice cap. The electric thrill of excitement that you'll feel at the adventures lying ahead is uniquely charged by the epic world of snowmobiling in the expansive Whistler and Pemberton area. read more

Peak 2 Peak

The Peak 2 Peak Gondola combines form, fun and function in a way that has been drawing people to Whistler and blowing minds since Whistler Blackcomb (WB) opened the landmark lift in December 2008. read more

Family Fun

Whistler is a place that always seems to be described merely in terms of its numerous accolades, awards and astounding world records. It's consistently voted the number one ski resort in North America by the ski media, has the longest ski run on the continent, and has the most skiable terrain in North America – among other superlatives. read more