Whistler GREEN Guide


compiled by Joanna Runciman

WHISTLER PRIDES ITSELF on its connection to the environment and a green way of life. There are many examples of the resort's eco-friendly mentality seen in our art and architecture, our shops and stores, and subtly among our day-to-day activities. Here are a few local products and locations that are working to reduce negative environmental impacts.


BEING GREEN IS MORE than sporting an alluring label like "eco-friendly". It is also about thinking differently, using less and contemplating the impact of our choices - for example, how we build our homes and offices. The Whistler Public Library is an excellent example of different thinking. With its beautiful green roof and impressive wood interior, it is one of the smartest passive- designed libraries constructed. A gold-certified Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) building, the library achieves 70 per cent of its heating though a geothermal heat pump. B.C. residents can get a temporary membership card, and out-of-province visitors can pay a small fee for memberships.



AS WHISTLER WORKS TO REDUCE its dependence on single-use plastic bags, African Market Baskets can offer a beautiful alternative. The baskets are woven from straw in Ghana and take half a week to make. The women make the baskets when they are not collecting firewood, water (we are so blessed just being able to turn on a tap) or tending to their families. Providing much-needed income in an area where traditional herding is the norm, these fair-trade baskets return 10 per cent of profits to the basket-weavers, which ensure better education and healthcare for their families. Nesters Market has a selection of the baskets, priced from $20.



SINKING INTO A HOT BATH after a cold winter's day can be the definition of bliss. Bath salts produced in nearby Squamish by Be Clean Naturally contain Himalayan crystal salt with 86 minerals essential for well-being. The "Whistler" soap bar contains pure essential oils of peppermint, pine, eucalyptus, lavender and tangerine, conjuring up the peace of the mountains. You'll also love Be Clean Naturally's Vanilla Mint lip balm with coconut oil, jojoba and shea butter. Find Be Clean Naturally products at Olives Community Market and Quantum Vitamins in Whistler, or at the Britannia Mine Museum, located south of Squamish.


WRITTEN BY A WHISTLER RESIDENT, this book is for women wanting to look radiant without stressing about it. The book discusses natural radiance and how to achieve it by reading labels, slowing down and eating well, while avoiding the use of synthetic chemicals. Simple ways to do this are sprinkled throughout the book with recipes and "Give it a Go" sections. Mixing humorous anecdotes alongside a sensible, pragmatic approach to loving life, this read will help ensure you're not wishing your days away with "I'll be happy when" thoughts. Signed copies are available at Armchair Books in Whistler. It is priced at $18.95 and includes a limited-edition bookmark.